10 Halal Entertainment Ideas

By: Idil Said
Written: for Nikah.ca

Entertainment for your walima
Entertainment for your walima

Venue, check. Dress, check. Groom, check. So what’s left for your big day? Entertainment. Entertainment is one of those things that can add that memorable aspect to your wedding. Here are our top 10 picks for some halal walima entertainment.

Photo booths! A photo booth is a fun and interactive way to have your guests enjoy themselves and create their own amazing memories at your wedding. It won’t interfere with your wedding program and they come with many different bells and whistles. Let your guests leave your wedding with instant photos and everlasting laughs!

Photo booth pricing can range depending on the number of hours, props and types of photos you would like printed. If this is an idea that is suitable for your guests, it can be a great addition to the guest favors. What better favor than a printed photo, personal to each guest!

Food bars! Food can be a major focal point in your wedding. Guests look forward to eating food that the bride and groom personally selected. Aside from the served meals, surprise your guests with a trendy food bar with special and unique food choices. For example, if your wedding is set for the winter, consider adding a dessert table or a hot chocolate bar, using different chocolate and halal marshmallow toppings. You can also do moctails and have a signature drink created just for your event. Your guests will love you for the food diversity.

Nasheeds! Everyone loves to hear a beat! If you are looking for live performances, something of the utmost entertainment think about having nasheeds at your wedding. It will serve as a great backdrop to dinner or during some downtime in your walima program. If you are living in the Toronto area you can check out Nader Khan and Adnan Srajeidin. For something a bit more contemporary, look into Mustaqeem. You can also add your own touches by requesting special custom nasheeds for your special day.

Wedding games! Wedding games can evoke a lot of laughter and fun at a wedding depending on your crowd. For example, waiting for the bride and groom to enter may take some time, why not have some games at the table for your guests to enjoy. Or better yet, have the MC lead the guests in some games. Some simple things that can be left at each table are crosswords about the bride and groom. Tie a custom pencil to each one as a favor or memoire of your special day.

Light up the sky: Fireworks anyone? Give your guests a spectacular show to commemorate a spectacular couple by having some fireworks at the end of the evening. Fireworks take any event to a new level.

Everyone loves to laugh! Comedy anyone? Why not have a comedian come by and do some stand up comedy and even have personalized jokes about the bride and groom. There are many wedding comedians who can do something clean and suitable for your event. If you have a funny friend who is always the comedian behind every group joke, have them come up and be a familiar face that your guests can laugh with. Marriage jokes are always fun, especially the ones where the wife is always right.

Kid treats! Are kids invited to your big day? If so, why not give them some fun things to do or eat at your wedding. Pre-wrap some crayons and a colouring pad into some cellophane for the little ones to enjoy on your big day. Their parents will think it is such a convenient, sweet and caring gesture to involve their little ones.

Drums anyone? Drums can liven up any crowd. Your guests will love the rhythm and if you find a good set of drummers, they will give you a great show. The best thing about drums is that you can get drummers from different cultures that play different rhythms.

Words of wisdom. What better way to incorporate the wisdom of your elders, but to allow them to write some marriage advice for you or present it in their own sentimental way. Leave a treasure box at reception with some pen and paper, or have them write on leaves that can be added to branches to make a tree full of wisdom.

Sentimental moments! There are always a few announcements here and there at every wedding, but the best are the times when a loved one picks up the mic to say wonderful things about the bride and/or groom. Moments like these are unforgettable and are worth a million words. It is in these moments that people learn who are closest and dearest to them.


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