How to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day

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How to Keep Calm on you Wedding Day
How to Keep Calm on you Wedding Day

1.Start the day with a positive note.

When you wake up, thank Allah for giving you this day. Smile, be positive, and remind yourself to cherish the moments that are to come.

2.Be prepared.

Don’t leave any tasks for the last minute. The day of the wedding is normally hectic as everything comes together. Make sure to go through your to-do list in the days leading up to the wedding and get as much done as you can before the wedding day, even if it’s as simple as packing your honeymoon bags. If there’s anything left to do on the day of, delegate tasks to friends or family to take the stress off your own shoulders. Give friends and family that are helping out a timeline of the wedding day so they know what to expect and how to be there for you.

3. Go with the flow 

Let go of expectations. You want everything to go perfectly, but people will be late, the speeches might be too long, and your hijab might not be exactly as you wanted. It’s okay. Nobody will notice the small details and everyone is there to celebrate with you. Don’t let minor imperfections get to you, enjoy the moments as they unfold.

4.Let yourself be pampered.

Let others help out with the last minute details. This day is all about you (and your husband, of course), so let people pamper you, love you, and support you. Relax as you get your hair and make-up done. Smile as guests come to greet you, bring you food, or take pictures with you. Have fun and celebrate on this joyous day.

5.Make du’a

Take time out for yourself and remember to pray. If you feel anxious or stressed, make this a reminder to ask Allah for help. Allah is always listening and knows what’s in your heart, so seek Allah’s help whenever you have any concerns. Rely and put your faith in Him!




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