Featured Vendor: Qurrat A'yun

By: Idil Said
Written: for Nikah.ca

Qurrat Ayn Photography in Toronto
Qurrat Ayn Photography in Toronto

After interviewing this talented self-taught photographer, we realized something that went beyond each photo; Qurrats passion for retaining the loyalty and dignity of each and every one of her clients.

She takes the time to delicately envision the wants and needs of her clients. When asked what makes her work different or unique, she answers by expressing her love for capturing Islamically celebrated weddings where she can find comfort in making a personal connection that can be seen so clearly in the photos.

In addition, she has been a photographer for about 5 years now and says her passion for photography has become a means of escape from her background in engineering. Photojournalistic style, candid and posed photos are what you can expect from her work.

When asked about editing photos, Qurrat says she likes to keep things natural, vibrant and colorful. When it comes to equipment, all of her gear is designed for wedding photography. When it comes to segregated weddings, Qurrat gets the help of her husband to shoot the men’s side which ensures both parties getting the photos they want.

Qurrat is the sole editor of all the photos and this way, she manages to keep the modesty of each bride in good hands. She has photographed for over 25 weddings and yours could be next! When asked how many photos she gives her client she answered “Unlimited, I give my clients all of their moments that I captured. I could do this job forever it truly makes me happy”.

A very important tip to the bride from Qurrat:

“Always be comfortable with your photographer, this will show in your photos and give your entire experience a great value”.

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