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By: Heba Haider from www.asknutritionista.com
Written: for Nikah.ca

body image and getting married
body image and getting married

Body image. What does it mean to you? As I sit down to write about this gray area of a term, I can’t help but feel the subjectivity that accompanies it. Body image means different things to different people. It is such an incredibly important concept that plays a role in our everyday lives, yet often on a very unconscious level.

In retrospect, it continues to be overlooked and downplayed by many of us. I could begin discussing the skewed body images that many of us carry around as a result of the unrealistic ideals that constantly plague the media, but I think that is an area many of us have discussed extensively in classrooms.

Instead, I want to focus on the role nutrition can play in improving our body image and what differences it can make for all you new or future brides!

Eat-good, feel-good, look-good. A simple-yet - not so simple concept. This starts by first building a healthy relationship with food and is followed by making the right food choices. Mastering these two steps is essential in helping you project a positive body image.

Studies have shown that attitude towards food plays just an important a role in your overall health as your food choices do. We have a lot to learn from the French in this area! A few studies have identified what scientists like to refer to as the French Paradox. Compared to Americans, the French have a much higher intake of saturated fat due to their love for dairy and cheeses.

However, overall they have lower rates of obesity and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Why you ask? After much deliberation, many professionals like to attribute part of this phenomenon to the French’s positive attitude towards food. Simply put, North Americans are much more likely to associate eating a slice of chocolate cake with guilt, whereas our French neighbors like to associate it with nothing short of absolute pleasure! Your attitude towards food defines your relationship with it.


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