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Hamdi Photography: Muslim Wedding Photographer in Toronto
Hamdi Photography: Muslim Wedding Photographer in Toronto

We had the privilege of interviewing an individual who is more than a photographer; she is such a personable, professional, and kindhearted person who happens to be very good at what she does! As a recent bride myself, I trusted Hamdi with capturing my very special moments.

I was more than pleased with the end result, and more than just receiving pictures, Hamdi truly gave me an amazing experience filled with vibrancy and fun! We’ve asked Hamdi many questions and instead of simply answering, she took us on a journey describing what photography meant to her.


"I have been taking photos since I was 17, but only became professional in 2013.

Both of my parents loved capturing images and collecting stories to share with their children. Thus, growing up, I would spend so much time sifting through the stacks of photo albums my parents accumulated even before they immigrated to Canada. When I started high school, I wanted to do the same thing – I wanted to capture these stories to show my children and my grandchildren. Then, it started to transform into something bigger.

I wanted to document the stories of others and that led to me becoming a portrait, lifestyle and wedding photographer. Capturing an individual's essence is my passion. That's why I fell in love with portraiture. The twinkle in their eye, the unfiltered moment of pure joy, the fierce passion and the sweet vulnerability. This translates so beautifully in documenting relationships. That is why I also fell madly in love with weddings and documenting those special moments shared in the starting moments of a new journey. All of it, so beautifully unfiltered."


Photographers have a different way of capturing your day, but it is their style that differentiates what you can expect as a client. When asked about Hamdi's style, she said, "I like to call it vibrant portraiture with a touch of vintage". Next we wanted to know what clients could expect from Hamdi as their photographer. Hamdi replied by sharing that her clients could expect " A great, comfortable, heartwarming and fun session. I try to keep the concerns of my clients always at the forefront".

Photographers are always looking for the best places to shoot. Hamdi's favorite places to shoot include parks with gigantic flowers and forests, the Scarborough bluffs, and The Guelph Arboretum at the University of Guelph. In addition, we wanted to know if Hamdi's gear was all directed towards one type of photography style, to which she said her gear was aimed at portraiture. "By directing my equipment this way, I create intimate photos and capture the little in between moments often missed in regular wedding photography. I also have equipment that allows me to capture vast scenes in a very aesthetically pleasing way".

There are many different methods that photographers use when delivering the photos to their clients. Hamdi says, "I typically do online albums (which are super stunning) but my hope is to also give clients the option of getting photo books, because what better way to hold on to memories longer!". Every bride always wants tips and advice to ensure that her big day is spectacular. We asked Hamdi to give our Nikah brides a piece of advice to hold on to for their most special day. "Trust your photographer-- by trusting your photographer, you'll feel so much at ease and the photos will always be stunning".


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