Featured Vendor: Zuhoor Designs

By: Idil Said
Written: for Nikah.ca


Flowers bring color, life, and aroma to your special day. They help make table settings more beautiful, and can transform a formerly dull space into a beautiful personality-filled one. Yet they can also be confusing for a beginner and a budget breaker for many. With 4 years of passion and experience, Bilqees of Zuhoor Designs gives us some tips and invites us all into the floral world!

We wanted to know what led Bilqees to start her business. She began by expressing that she has always had a love and passion for natural flowers and gardening. "About 12 years ago I started making arrangements for friends’ weddings as a gift to the bride. 5 years ago I was in business distributing a women's magazine and my business partner suggested that I turn my passion for floral design into a business. I had previous experience in business distributing and designing baby clothing, so I thought it made sense to proceed with a business in a field that I love." 

We asked Bilqees what makes her flower business different from other ones, and she answered by saying "I really focus on making my designs unique, well made and using the freshest and best of quality flowers and material. I want my clientele to enjoy their flowers for days and weeks after the event." Zuhoor Designs has provided amazing flower arrangements to over 30 weddings.

We always want to make sure that brides using Nikah.ca resources receive the best experience. At Zuhoor Designs they ensure that brides they work with always receive individual attention and the best experience. Their main goal as a floral company is for clients to know that they can express their specific needs and vision with confidence and that it will become a reality. Zuhoor Designs explains, "I endeavour to create that vision using all my creativity and years of experience with flowers."

Next we asked about an available portfolio! "My portfolio includes weddings, event centrepieces, conference stage florals and gifts. After listening to a bride’s vision I am able to show them the type of style and flowers that fit in their vision and budget using my portfolio"

It’s all about the style. "I think outside of the box and I am creative therefore I can work with almost every kind of design and cultural style. The only style I can't work with is no style! Zuhoor Designs is known for only using fresh and dried flowers. Some vendors often book more than one event per day, but Zuhoor Designs prioritizes your big day and only double books when dealing with smaller events! "If the event of the day is a wedding where I am providing all of the flowers including centrepieces, stage florals, bouquet and wedding party flowers I will only work with one client." Let the journey of envisioning your personal floral arrangement for your big day begin!

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